Corporate Workshops

Our L&D Partners are Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates - where each bespoke curation by the National Award-winning Actor and TEDx speaker is designed using anecdotes, narrative techniques, role plays, and theatre-based tools meant to tickle the creative mind and ignite the unique excellence in each.

We design learning programmes keeping in mind how conversations flow with people within their organisation... so even though it may be a workshop on storytelling, communication, negotiation, executive presence, or others, we make it topical by adding references of what they are dealing with in their real life. Therefore, these programmes are lived in experiences for the participants and they can find ways to apply it on themselves.

The main thrust of any workshop is towards, breaking down any kind of barriers, that may exist within an employee, so that these barriers do not end up becoming the "fence" in his relationships with co-workers, both vertically and laterally. Such fences do not allow an employee to relish the 'joy of working'. Any human relationship is accounted for by the emotional strength it has .. within and outside.

It is this strength that our workshops aims to release while giving them the direction that is best suited for the employee vis-a-vis, his profile. Thus giving the Corporate an employee, who is energized and refreshed because he/she has broken the barriers around him/her.

Our Creative Workshops are aimed at Human Resource Development through the use of an effective combination of creative tools.

Creativity is the most effective tool, by far, for Human Resource Development in Corporate organizations, as is aptly recognized and acknowledged, the world over. Introducing the workforce (the most important resource for any Corporate organization) to Creative Thinking can do wonders for the organization's productivity and growth.

We offer customized Creative Workshops that are an ideal catalyst for Human Resource Development at a Corporate Organization. Our Creative Workshops are dedicated to introducing the employees of an organization to their creativity and thereafter use it in all aspects of their life, work and creative expression. In a non-competitive, new and open environment, our Creative Workshops help the participants develop soft skills, expand the sense of perception of themselves and their environment, inspire them to think 'out-of-the-box', equipping them with new ways of looking at 'life' which is synonymous with 'workplace' in today's world, and establish a sense of belonging towards the workplace.


Beyond Barriers & Fences

Employee Development Workshop
The workshop break barriers that may exist within an employee, so that these do not end up becoming the "fence" in his/her relationships with co-workers, both vertically and laterally. Any human relationship is accounted for by the emotional strength it has within and outside. It is this strength that the workshop aims to release enabling them to be energized and refreshed because they have broken the barriers around.

Discovering the Self

Employee Development Workshop
The purpose of this workshop is to understand the self and finding comfort with it through the medium of acting. Acting as an art makes it inevitable for the self to discover the other - egos, perceptions, view points, personalities, motivations, idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, etc. Thus enhancing the participants' understanding of the human psyche and in the process making them more empathetic and sensitive towards others around them.

Transformation of the Self

Employee Development Workshop
Each one of us has infinite creative potential. We were born with it, and it continuously feeds the child in us. In playing our many parts as a human being - with our life, our world, as our stage- we manage to create obstacles for ourselves rather than using creativity to overcome obstacles. Growing up seems to lead to standardisation and codified behaviour, to which the current education system contributes liberally.

The Dream Team

Team Management Workshop
Many-a-times organizations become victims of the 'Me' syndrome. It is essential for any organization to help its employees to move from 'Me' to 'We'. A 'dream team' is the perfect combination of equal opportunities, patience, common focus and goals, empathy, sensitivity, communication, effective conflict resolution, freedom of expression, mutual respect and trust leading to collective efforts of the team towards the attainment of organizational goals.

The Joy ofWorking

De-Stressing Workshop
A stress-free work environment can do wonders for the productivity and development of the employees and in turn the organization. An employee who is free from stress and anxiety is able to give 100 percent attention to his work. Stress is a serious hindrance to an organization's growth as it creates an unhappy work environment that translates into lesser efficiency.

Unlocking the Actor Within

Talent Management Workshop
Theatre is seen as an extremely effective medium to inspire creative and innovative thinking in individuals. Theatre enables them to break free from the conventionality and monotony in work patterns. Further, role-play in theatre ensures greater sense of empathy and sensitivity towards other point of views, thereby helping in getting across the barriers of conflicting egos, personalities, attitudes and mindsets.

CSR - From Strategy to Sustainability

C S R Workshop
The workshop takes you thru a step by step approach for creating a meaningful CSR strategy and explains the various requirements that are imperative to a Sustainable intervention. CSR Assessments, Strategies, Implementations, Impact monitoring, Financial & Social reporting are some of the areas covered.

Gender Sensitisation at Workplace

Gender Awareness Workshop
If organisations are keen to utilize the talent of their workforce to the fullest extent, they need to be sensitive to gender related issues. Gender sensitivity means respect for an individual irrespective of her or his gender. It is not about pitting women against men. On the contrary, it involves greater awareness of the needs, aspirations, abilities and professional value of employees as men and women.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales Orientation Workshop
Technology has changed. User requirements have changed. Medium of communication has changed. Methods of selling have changed. But what hasnít changed, is the fact that there is a human element behind all this which is adapting to new ways of getting across true value to customers. This program helps sharpen the selling skills of even experienced sales representatives, enabling them to take advantage of sales opportunities and aggressively expand the business.

Business Communication

Sales Orientation Workshop
This Effective Communication Skills Workshop is an interactive course designed to give you the tools to communicate more effectively with colleagues and clients, making your communication more impactful, persuasive and confident.

Personality Enhancement

Employee Development Workshop
Persona is an amalgamation of Mental abilities, Emotional being, Physical Appearance, Soft skills and Knowledge. The workshop will help you get a head start in life by training you to take full advantage of your personality plusses while simultaneously helping you recognise and work on the negatives. By the end of the program you will have moved a step closer to achieving your work and personal goals.

Negotiation Skills

Sales Orientation Workshop
Every aspect of doing business with customers, vendors, partners, bosses, and employees involves negotiation. You do it whether you're the buyer or seller of an idea or product. You do it during informal discussions in a hallway or during a project review with several people on each side. Whatever the situation, if you know what's up in advance, you'll get better results. In short, negotiation is a key life skill.

Problem Solving Techniques

Employee Development Workshop
Being able to creatively use problem solving techniques is as important to business as problems are a part of every business. There are those that are part of everyday business and those that affect long-term strategic direction. In whatever form they may arise; one thing is certain, problem solving must be dealt with at a root cause level. The program is created for managers at multiple levels who lead teams and find themselves in decision making situations at work.

Emotional Intelligence

Leadership Workshop
Reactive behavior tends to be destructive, but it can be understood and changed. Emotional intelligence entails learning to convert destructive emotional reactions into constructive responses that build relationships and teamwork. Our emotional intelligence workshops create awareness and provide tools for breaking old patterns and learning new behaviors. Anyone can become more emotionally intelligent with the right training and practice.