About Us

CREX is an acronym for CReative EXpressions and Creativity is our lifeline.

Established in 2006 - CREX offers a wide array of professional services - each related to the creative world in some way or the other.

Staying true to our name, we offer customized Creative events that are an ideal catalyst for interactive spontaneous exchange that leads to personality enhancement as well as up skilling. Our events focus on introducing the participants (such as the employees of a Corporate Organization) to their latent creative abilities. Breaking away from the conventional mindsets through the realization of one's creative side, inspires out-of-the-box thinking leading to innovation at work. In addition to encouraging creative thinking, waking up to one's creativity also brings about personal satisfaction. We use an effective combination of creative tools like poetry, photography, painting, theatre, music, dance and other art forms to attain the pre-defined objectives.

The three main focus areas are Jamboree (A platform for promoting talented amateur musicians), Artist Management Services (to provide professional management support to these amateur musicians) and Art Promotion (to promote all kind of Artists in the commercial world).

In line with the above we organize Corporate Events centered around Music which bring out fresh amateur talent that you would not have heard before. We also organize Professional Meetups for dedicated groups of like minded professionals which could be addressing a professional theme or maybe just plain and simple interaction in a fun way.

Our series of Corporate Workshops titled Beyond Barriers & Fences aim to energise and refresh employees by breaking down any kind of barriers that may exist within, so that these barriers do not end up becoming the fence in his/her relationships with co-workers, both vertically and laterally. Such fences do not allow an employee to relish the joy of working.

CREX brings in utmost professionalism and quality in music event presentation to make your event musically rich and incredibly presentable.

Apart from entertainment based musical events - CREX also uses Music for workshops on team building, leadership skills, confidence building, out-of-the-box thinking, etc., which are all themes unique to us.

Meet our team

Working with a lean team - we aim to deliver results with maximum amount of clarity and efficiency.

Ajay Mahajan

Ajay Mahajan

Percussions, poetry, entrepreneurship, creative soul with a big heart and a storehouse of ideas, Ajay is a man of many talents and the prime force behind CREX, which is a manifestation of his many dreams and passions. Music is his salvation.

Professionally Ajay creates Solutions Frameworks & formulates Go-To-Market Strategies.


Shaily Bhashanjaly

Shaily has done her Doctorate in Sociology and also holds a Degree in Management. She has over 15 years of teaching experience in Management colleges, Institutes, has been a guest lecturer in JMC, Delhi University and has written extensively on areas related to her core competency and expertise.

She also regularly anchors live radio shows on FM Rainbow India and is also an English Newsreader on All India Radio

T Ranganath

T Ranganath

Ranga brings more than 3 decades of experience and competencies acquired across a variety of sectors.

He has worked extensively in the Corporate playing key leadership roles and has been instrumental in enhancing the knowledge, abilities, skills, and behavior of individuals and improve institutional structures and processes to ensure that the organisational efficiently achieve their missions and goals in a sustainable way.

Manju Bajaj

Manju Bajaj

Manju brings a keen passion for creative arts to CREX. Herself a trained classical singer for the past almost two decades - she brings an understanding of the finer nuances of the art.

Manju is also a Professional Stained Glass designer having had her own shows and exhibitions.