Corporate Wellness

Beyond Physical & Mental Health.
Now manage the 7 Dimensions of your Wellness!

Now plan your L&D Interventions based on actual data models of your team and organisation's wellbeing.

Wellness Metrics provides engagement opportunities that support individuals from a variety of disciplines in promoting whole-person wellness. We work with individuals, groups, and organisations to do self assessments and create data models that visually represent the state of overall wellbeing across multiple parameters. Our vision is to promote the understanding of the dynamic factors that contribute to health and well-being and the sharing and development of strategies to positively influence those factors that support a communitywide population with healthy, balanced lifestyles.

With the progress of time, wellness as a concept has taken up a multi-dimensional definition, encompassing the individual's desire for social acceptance, exclusivity and collective welfare. Chiefly influenced by changes in society and in the lifestyles of individuals, this change has also been accelerated by extraneous factors like globalization and a greater awareness of the need for wellness among individuals.



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