Its a Digital World.

Where we need to prepare data, draw analysis and the present the results.

At CREX DIGITAL - we work with you at every step. From managing your large spreadsheets that allow for complex data consolidation and analysis. And then we create impactful presentations with a visual appeal that convey the right message to your target audience.

Mastering this complex world is both a Science as well as an Art.

We offer solutions for sales, marketing, learning and development, and internal communications - bringing together our presentation design services, graphic design services, animation, eLearning, and training services for solutions that can transform your business communications.


Making Great Presentations Shouldn't Be Hard.

If you're like most of us, you don't have a blueprint for creating a top-notch presentation. Perhaps you just take the points that you believe will be most interesting and select a design template that looks pretty good. But this is a big moment. Why leave it up to chance. Leave it to us and we shall take the pain out of crafting presentations that deliver results.

We create Presentations & Pitch Decks for the following requirements:


Take Business Decisions based on Business Metrics.

Any effective business presentation uses data that is organised into meaningful and relevant information. This can also be used for creating business projections across a range of criteria. However, this can appear daunting if you have never used it before.

Complex calculations may require multiple spreadsheets linked with each other to create complex data models that can be used for calculations, projections, as well as analysis.

We have been creating complex spreadsheets for a wide range of data management where these have been used to complement Pitch Decks by presenting detailed calculations projecting ROI's and other financial models. Other common operations that spreadsheets can be used for include - Graphing or charting data to assist users in identifying data trends, Formatting data to make important data easy to find and understand, Printing data and charts for use in reports, Sorting and filtering data to find specific information, Linking worksheet data and charts for use in other documents such as presentations, reports, daily calculations, tracking revenues and expenses, etc.