A Responsive Websites & eBooks Development agency.

We have our own inhouse teams for handling all your design, content as well as development requirements.

RESPONSIVE WEBSITES was created with a firm belief that every new and existing business needs to harness the power of the internet and the mobile revolution.


Some of the major web based Forum's and Group's that have been created by us include the following:


  • eGovernance Forums
  • India's National Identification Card - International Forum
  • Electronic Passport - International Forum
  • State Wide Area Network - National Forum
  • Common Service Centres - National Forum
  • Smart Card Interest Group - International Forum
  • The Global Resident - Global Social Networking
  • Smart Card Forum of India - Information Portal for the Indian Smart Card Industry
  • EV Revolution - Information Portal for the Electric Vehicles Industry
  • Consultants Consortium - A resource sharing portal for the Consulting Industry
  • Life Skills Addressal for Children - The Circle Of Trust


While content always rules - well designed Visuals add a completely different twist to what you convey with words.

With this belief - we ensure that our team of Developers is backed by Designers as well as Content Writers.

The business owners that we work with come from diverse sectors and include:
Artists & Art Gallery Owners - Musicians, Jam Pads and Studios - Wedding Planners - Commercial Photographers - Fitness and Nutrition advisors - Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Docors - Business Consultants - Retail Stores - Contractors - Consultants - Interior Decorators - Jewelry Designers - Career Counselors - Yoga and Pilates Instructors - Real Estate Agents/Brokers - Holistic Healers - Financial Advisors - PR & Media Consultants - Restaurants, Cafe's & Pubs - Management Consultants - NGO's