CREX is an acronym for CReative EXpressions.

Established in 2006 - CREX offers a wide array of professional services - each related to the creative world in some way or the other.

Over the last decade and a half - we have built up on our expertise in areas as wide ranging as Corporate Wellness, L&D Interventions, and Corporate Events, Digital Adoption, and Social Initiatives amongst others..

Corporate Wellness


Mental Health and Wellness include our emotional, psychological, occupational, financial, spiritual, and social wellness amongst others. We refer to these as Dimensions of Wellness. These affect how we think, feel, and act. They also help determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.




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Wellness Academy

The Wellness Seekers Academy offers Online Courses related to the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

The first of these is the Foundation Course which is the ideal starting point for understanding the different wellness dimensions.

We also offer 8 Advanced Courses - one on each dimension. These are detailed courses that give you an indepth idea about the individual dimensions and also have an indepth self-assessment available.

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Corporate Workshops

The Wellness Orientation Sessions enable employees to understand the concept of Mental Health and Wellness and its relevance in their own lives through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

The Wellness workshops are highly interactive and include role-plays, shared experiences and real-life examples with a deep dive into each Dimension of Wellness along with self-assessments.

Our L&D Partners are Ashish Vidyarthi & Associates - where each bespoke curation by the National Award-winning Actor and TEDx speaker is designed using anecdotes, narrative techniques, role plays, and theatre-based tools meant to tickle the creative mind and ignite the unique excellence in each.

Curated Corporate Events

We create powerful sensory experiences that are value-based, empathic, and relationship-focused.

As they say, "Words should be followed by action" and "A picture conveys a thousand words", our bespoke communication experiences fulfill the meaning of these statements, as they are not merely a dialogue to convey an idea or a message. They engage the audience through stunningly unique creations, which are a blend of talks and conversations with a range of artwork and themes to include art, theatre, music, and more.


First Go Digital

'Digital-first' is the latest buzzword in the business universe. It's trending everywhere - from boardrooms and business events, to training sessions and coffee table discussions.

'First-Go-Digital' is our initiative where we help entrepreneurs and MSME's get aboard the digital experience.


IMPACTNOW works with the following interconnected programs and initiatives that endeavour to create a meaningful societal impact.

Committed to addressing and preparing communities, enterprises, and states to address the challenges posed by the pandemic and advising on the possible ways of dealing with the short term as well as the long term implications from a Strategy perspective.

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